An Exciting Future at Mixed Freight


Life on the road truly is unlike anything else. Watching the seasons change and unfurl ahead of you on the open road. Travelling into the bustling metropolitans of the UK and the slumbering, picturesque quiet of the countryside. Driving deep into the night with car lights, cat eyes and the moon illuminating your journey. Witnessing the explosion of summer festivities as you deliver vital equipment to some of the year’s most anticipated events like Hyde Park festival, the Goodwood Festival of Speed and London Pride.

These are just a few snapshots of the hundreds of journeys our team of Mixed Freight drivers have embarked on over the last 35 years. Our drivers have been cruising around the country, visiting places that stretch far beyond humble Feltham.

Being high up behind the wheel of one of our trucks can often take you to places you haven’t been before, see the country in a light you’ve never seen before, and come across some interesting things you simply wouldn’t encounter on a normal working day. Because of the work we take on, we’re able to visit some pretty exciting locations. Our drivers don’t skimp on dishing out seemingly tall-tales to those back at the office – just imagine all those stories and journeys!

At Mixed Freight, we always want to give our audience the opportunity to go behind the scenes and learn more about how we make what we do possible; whether that’s transporting the world’s most luxurious cars, our 24/7 operations or the global supply chains we’re a part of. Now, we want to give you the opportunity to learn more about the drivers at the core of Mixed Freight, their life on the road and what it takes to become an LGV driver.


Life on the road gives you the opportunity for down-time and alone-time as well as the opportunity to meet a wide array of fascinating people from across the globe. Once our drivers have returned from their delivery duties, they’re back into the social, bustling Mixed Freight hub at Heathrow.

Driving reaches and draws in people from many corners of the world. Walter has always wanted to be behind the wheel driving lorries and be a part of the transportation industry. He initially joined us in a part-time position before joining as a full-time employee, gradually becoming more and more involved in operations and logistics.

We champion our diverse team of drivers from around the globe, hailing from Thailand, Costa Rica, Madeira, Goa, Nigeria, Poland and many more places. We always want to shatter the perceptions of who is a part of and can join the transportation and logistics industry – just look at our fantastic troupe of young team members.

There’s no single way to get behind the wheel. So many of our drivers have come to us from a range of career backgrounds, working towards qualifications and through training opportunities with our help. If you’re interested in learning more about how you could get behind the wheel at Mixed Freight, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re not stopping there. Let’s take a closer look at one of our drivers and discover how she came to join Mixed Freight.


Meet Vicky. You’ll usually find her smiling and cracking jokes before she hurries off into her 18 tonner for the day.
Vicky likes night-time drives and the famous landmarks of London and is originally from a scenic little place called Slovakia. Although busy, urban London might not boast the same mountainous beauty and gothic architecture as Vicky’s hometown, she explains to us how she’s still found a family at Mixed Freight.

How did you come to join Mixed Freight?

“A friend who used to work at Mixed Freight recommended it to me. I was working with another transportation company but they weren’t very flexible and I wasn’t very happy there. Mixed Freight were much more flexible and offered me 4 days on 4 days off, so I joined about 3 years ago. Now I do night shifts and I’ll take on extra overtime. So I really like the degree of flexibility we have.”

What work were you doing prior to driving?

“When I moved to England, I started off cleaning buses and eventually worked up to a supervisor role, they gave me a company car so I was driving around a lot and organising other drivers. Having just moved to England, I really enjoyed driving around London and seeing the sights. I didn’t really enjoy working during the day – working at night is more quiet, there’s less traffic and hassle.”

What was your training like? Was it something you ever imaged you’d do?

“I got my Cat C license which means I can drive up to 18 tonne vehicles. I initially had to pass a theory test, then 5 days of practical driver training and a further driving test at the end. The learning was okay, I managed to pass everything first time. I’m happy with the qualifications I have now – the vehicles I drive are big enough for me.”

What advice would you give to anyone considering a driving career?

“Driving is a big responsibility. It’s important you’re a confident driver and enjoy driving. But, Mixed Freight do take on people who have limited experience after passing their test and provide opportunities to grow and improve. It’s a really supportive environment to work in. If someone’s struggling or in a rough spot, there’s always someone who will come help you. Warehouse workers, drivers, officer workers, everyone.”

Do you have a best memory driving with Mixed Freight; maybe somewhere you went or a special day you had?

“My favourite moment was the year I joined 3 years ago. All the directors simply wished me a happy Christmas and gave me a hug and a Christmas hamper. I was really touched – in some companies, directors don’t even look at you or give you the time of day. It’s really touching, it’s like a big family feeling, if we have any problems and we need support, there’s always the opportunity to sit down with someone and they’re willing to listen and help.”


Being behind the wheel of one of our signature yellow trucks can be both exciting and rewarding - if Vicky’s journey at Mixed Freight is anything to go by, it’s everything but a boring road trip.

At MFS, we pride ourselves on providing opportunities to everyone; after helping you attain that once-daunting HGV license, you’ll be making sure that extremely important cargo is delivered on time, whether the route takes you through bustling busy London roads, or through the rural landscapes of the countryside. You could go anywhere. We’ll provide you with the right support you need to get on the road and start building your career as a driver - with your dedication and enthusiasm, you’ll be moving up from a forklift to a 44 ton artic in no time!

If you already have a license behind your belt and have your eye on driving one of our vehicles (or if you’re interested in learning how to get there!) head over to our work with us page and get in touch with our team today.