Real people, real work

Mixed Freight is made up of amazing characters. We thought we would spotlight some of them and the important roles that they play as part of the Mixed Freight family.

Every employee plays a key role in our success and the satisfaction of our customers

Aviations, transportation and handling require a high degree of technical ability, effective communication and a commitment to meeting the trends and demands of the consumer markets. At Mixed Freight, our dedication to customer satisfaction is unmatched. We work 24/7 to provide our clients with the best deals and innovate our operations within the industry.

Whether we’re communicating with the civil aviation authority, providing the solutions to our clients’ challenging projects, building and breaking down pallets, or supplying office space to international interests wanting to operate at Heathrow, our talents are put to use every day to guarantee the best results possible.

Going further - Working with you

No matter what you’re looking for, we have team members ready to provide you with the best services and guidance throughout the process. From our years of experience, we boast a large team with the bespoke, sought-after skills you’re looking for, alongside our specialist-working partners in the industry. At Mixed Freight, we’re able to offer you the comprehensive solutions to even the most challenging upcoming tasks and projects. .


Please let us know what type of service you need, and we’ll get back to you.