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Secure Supply Chain 24/7

The Mixed Freight Services secure supply chain spans the Collection, Handling, Screening and Delivery of airfreight as a single seamless operation, including primary and secondary aviation cargo security screening. We make it easy to comply with the National Aviation Security Programme.

The Mixed Freight Services Export process covers the collection, screening, and secure
delivery to the airline handling warehouse.

The Mixed Freight Services Import service integrates all elements of collection, handling and delivery, on a 24/7 basis. With more than 30 years’ experience in airfreight transportation, we are the experts
in working with the air cargo industry to ensure that your cargo arrives on-time, safe and secure.

Air Cargo Security Screening 24/7

Mixed Freight Services are experts in both Primary and Secondary Screening for Air Cargo Aviation Security.

Using a wide range of different methods and techniques, we take a pragmatic approach to the security screening of freight, whether it is a standard consignment, or an unusual cargo we’ve got it covered.

The result is that you can rest assured that your cargo is in full compliance with the UK National Aviation Security Programme.

Transportation Services 24/7

Mixed Freight Services have a fully manned operations office 24/7 that manages a fleet of vehicles ranging from small vans to 44 ton articulated vehicles.

Dedicated and vehicles cover the UK countrywide and providing transportation for airfreight and general logistics. European road freight services can be provided on a dedicated basis.

The Mixed Freight Services fleet include Lorry Mounted Forklifts, Tail Lifts, Roller Bed Floors as well as a host of specialised vehicles for car transportation and unusual/abnormal loads.

Specialist at AOGs (Aircraft On Ground) being able to respond instantly to your call from our 24/7 manned office located at London Heathrow.
Contract hire vehicles are also available and can be tailored to your needs.

Abnormal Loads & Car Transport 24/7

We are skilled at providing transport logistics for Events such as Festivals, Exhibitions and Carnivals to name but a few.

Mixed Freight Services are experienced in the handling and transportation of Abnormal Loadsthroughout the UK, Europe and Scandinavia.Lorry Mounted Fork Lifts capable of moving on grass and off road make our services most suitable for outside events and places where access by road is restricted or even sites where fork lifts are not available.

Warehouse Handling 24/7

Mixed Freight Services offer a full range of warehouse services including RH&D (Receiving Handling and Delivery), Storage, Sea Container Handling, Air Freight Pallet Build and Breakdown.

And of course both Primary and Secondary Security Screening for Air Cargo.

Truck & Van Rental 24/7

Truck and Van Self Drive Rental 24/7

Through our sister company, Heathrow Rent a Truck Ltd, we are
able to provide all your Truck and Van Self Drive Rental requirements. Contract hire vehicles are also available.

Please contact us at Heathrow Rent a Truck Ltd for commercial vehicle rental
+44 (0)20 8844 2070 Info@heathrowrentatruck.com


24/7 Operations Office

Mixed Freight Services is a 24/7 365 day a year operation. We understand that your cargo is vital and the consequences of it being late are significant to you. Our fully manned operations centre is there ready to help you, fix problems and monitor the progress of critical consignments so that you can rest easy. Contact us any time of the day and we’ll be here ready to help. That’s what we do, every day of the year, around the clock.

Brake Testing 24/7

Mixed Freight Services offer VOSA Approved, Pre-MOT brake testing for customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The Maha brake test system has the capability to test the brakes of any industrial vehicle up to 20t and will be housed in our specialist vehicle maintenance facility to allow ease of access for vehicles 24/7.