Aviation Security Screening

The most advanced technologies to screen your cargo for export delivery, 24/7

A Regulated Agent (GB/RA/0722-01), Mixed Freight Services is an expert in screening for air cargo aviation security. We provide both X-Ray and Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) which means we can accommodate a wide range of unusual as well as standard cargoes.

Our security screening service operates 24/7 to ensure flight departures with your cargo on-board meet scheduled take-off times and you avoid costly delays and missed cut-off times.


Steve has been with Mixed Freight for 31 years and has observed first hand our evolution and pioneering work in the industry. He is one of our three Directors and owners. His role covers aspects from HR and marketing to working closely with the government and advising industry groups with Heathrow Airport and 
the Civil Aviation Authority. He has an overriding focus on our aviation security compliance and development, and leads with 
a commitment to a strong work ethic and a happy, dedicated team.

X-Ray Screening

Our X-ray machine's working aperture of 180x180 enables the screening of large items of cargo, whilst meeting all the stringent standards out in place by the Department for Transport and Civil Aviation Authority.


Alternative/ETD Screening

Explosive Trace Detection ETD offers an alternative method for shipments which are unable to pass by x-ray screening. We are able to offer this unique screening methodology by operating an IONSCAN 500DT ETD machine which is desktop-based and able to identify a wide range of military, commercial and homemade explosives threats. Ideal for the out of gauge difficult items needing a security screening.


Protocols for non-site-specific screening of air cargo

Experts in handling out-of-the ordinary shipments, which require special liaison with the Civil Aviation Authority and other bodies.
We communicate with the appropriate aviation authorities on your behalf, to establish and execute approved screening protocols for the extraordinary cargo.