An Exciting Future at Mixed Freight


On a Friday night, John hops into his car and makes his way down that familiar route. The streets are alive with raucous laughter and joy, people at pubs and restaurants are spilling out of the door with lively chatter and sighs of relief as their working week comes to an end – it’s that Friday feeling! As he turns a corner and parks up, he strolls through the door, greeted by familiar smiling faces. He grabs a mug and pours himself a drink; the first coffee of the night.

When most other industries and 9-5 workers have packed up and gone home for the evening - or the weekend - our people at Mixed Freight Services continue to carry on and the next shift comes alive.

Although most places might lock up their doors and ask you to wait until morning or answer their phone from the midst of their sleep, we can ensure that, no matter what hour or day, you won’t be left with an automated message or sleepy voice telling you your urgent requirement has to wait. We’re here to help you, even at the most inconvenient hour.


There are very few things more frustrating than voicemail greetings or an endless ringing tone when you need something done… urgently. Of course it can’t wait until morning, and you just want to speak to a real human being like John rather than pre-recorded nonsense. In the logistics industry, this is even more relevant. Businesses being closed throughout the night when last-minute, time-sensitive jobs need to be completed is far from ideal. That’s why, at Mixed Freight, our guys are on site and we’re open round the clock to make sure we can be there to help you when you need it most.

We all know that airports don’t close, and the world doesn’t stop just because the sun sets where you are. It might be 2am in London, but it’s 10am in Seoul. Being part of a global industry, cargo needs to be collected, delivered and transported securely at all hours of the day; often having to meet stringent time restraints.

As we have a 24/7 manned desk at Mixed Freight, there is always someone like John and Tyler physically in the office who can not only help move your cargo, but remains in the office to advise you on what’s happening in real time.

By engaging with everyone from ground-handlers to airlines, distribution centres and 24-hour facilities throughout the day or night, we can make sure you know what’s happening every step of the way. No answerphones, no frustrating waits.

“Whether it be 11pm or 3am – we’re always happy to keep our clients informed on the progress of their urgent shipments. We know that our clients’ customers can be demanding, but with the industry knowledge gained from over the last 35 years and our working partnerships with many international clients, Mixed Freight Services is more than capable.”
– Steve O’Keeffe

Of course, not every company has the ability and capability to work at this level. We have an exceptionally hard-working team of staff across all shift patterns at all hours of the day and weekends; there’s no waiting for the sun to rise or set, as we know demands can pop up any time, whether it’s collecting a part at 4am or being at a delivery doorstep at 7am.

We’re pleased to be able to say that we have the demand that allows us to be running 24 hours a day; the strength of our workforce and our dedicated team have driven our status as one of the most established facilities within the industry, as proven by our track-record.


When we say we’re 24/7, we mean we’re 24/7. You won’t get put through to voicemail if you call us up at 1am, and the doors won’t be closed if you visit our site (though don’t be alarmed when you’re asked for some ID; we’re CAA regulated and must ensure the safety and security of our site and cargo at all hours of the week!).

Our guys like John and Tyler and many more support the smooth operational running of our business whilst everybody else is fast asleep.

John finishes his shift with a cup of earl grey tea at 7am as he sets up ready to hand the proceedings over to the on-coming shift guys - there’s no end to the day and Mixed Freight is always running, just as the world of aviation is.

We know the world doesn’t stop on a Friday night, and it doesn’t take a day off for New Year’s or Christmas Eve either - you simply step on and off the carousel.

Our dedicated team, whether operations, warehouse, or drivers, are here to help you at even the most stressful times. No job is too inconvenient (just meet Zambezi!). So, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our upmost to assist.

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