Working During


Despite the challenging circumstances industries across the UK have faced this year, at Mixed Freight we’ve continued to keep the country moving and done all within our power to keep morale high within our team members. We’re following government guidelines and taking extra steps to ensure our workplace is Covid-secure, and that our staff and visitors remain safe. This includes changes to specific points of entry for staff, new signs with instructions on display around our facilities, and a maximum of three people permitted inside the reception area at one time, with marked spaces outside the entrance to form a queue.

We are also taking steps to ensure compliance with staff and visitors, requiring drivers both from Mixed Freight and third parties to wear a face-covering when entering the reception, loading/offloading and engaging with warehouse workers. Temperature checks will be taken for customers visiting the site and recorded in our visitors' book. We’re taking extra steps to make sure everyone at Mixed Freight remains safe, limiting congregations of people within spaces and monitoring anyone externally coming on to our site.

Our operations and workload remain busy at Mixed Freight as our infrastructure expands and the country moves through our Covid-19 exit strategy. We’re dedicated to meeting these challenges and maintaining high standards for our workplace and customer satisfaction. At Mixed Freight, we’re prepared to come out of this current situation stronger than ever, as we embark upon more ambitious projects, offer new services and expand the scale of our work and team.

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