Successful Relocation Program For BA Flight Training Simulators


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Successful Relocation Program For BA Flight Training Simulators

Mixed Freight Services specialist transport wing have been working around the clock for the past 12 months on behalf of British Airways and are proud to announce the completion of a very significant project. The project consisted the specialist movement of 16 flight and cabin training simulators from British Airways old Flight Training Centre at Cranebank, to their brand new Global Learning Academy at Heathrow Airport. The 16 flight training simulators were made up of 14 full motion and 2 fixed base Quadrant System models.

With 30+ years of experience in specialised transport movements for the Aviation industry, Mixed Freight Services planned and delivered a transport plan which ensured the safety and integrity of the cargo without compromising travel times for general road users. Thanks to collaboration with the Metropolitan Traffic Police, roads accessing Heathrow Airport were temporarily shut in the early hours of the morning for safe transit of the flight training simulators.

In the second stage of the project, Mixed Freight Services transported very similar cabin training simulators to Heathrow Airport under similar measures to British Airways Global Learning Academy. All of the movements required the use of Lorry Mounted Manitou Forklifts which could load directly on to Flatbed trailers and offload on site at Heathrow Airport. Three Q7 Trailers and Wide Load Escort Vehicles were also required under STGO Category 1 conditions.

Thanks to the hard work of Mixed Freight Services employees the successful relocation programme, will allow the training simulators to be continually used to teach future commercial airline pilots at British Airways Global Learning Academy for years to come.