Mixed Freight’s Digital Future – Our Collaboration With Digital360



The digital world is constantly evolving and, in order to move forward ourselves, it’s imperative that we keep up with it. Information is easily spread like wildfire and those who stay behind get left behind; business power in the current age is determined largely by your online presence.

It might be prudent to say that aviation, transportation and handling is very word-of-mouth, but a strong website is what allows you to reach a wider client base. The reliance on physical adverts and self-promotion works very well in this industry; when you’re involved in transportation and cargo, it’s not too difficult to physically spread the word about your business - but unless you’re also online, it’s capped. 

At Mixed Freight, we’ve taken a huge innovative step forward. We may already be well-known in the industry, but we realised it was time we amassed our skills and put ourselves out there properly. Our clients know we produce high-standards of work, but reaching out to the rest of the world requires us to leave our comfort zone and create something that leaves a lasting impression.


Although it might not be a new idea in the industry, we’ve taken a new pragmatic direction in achieving our goal by partnering up with another company, rather than using an in-house marketing team. To help bring our vision to life, we brought Digital360 into our world.

Each member of our nominated team at MFS has teamed up with members of Digital360 to harmonise our ideas. We’ve got Veronica and Dwayne directing the project, working closely with Steve to ensure the fundamentals and design of the website are bringing our vision to life; Jack and Jasmeet have been the masterminds behind our Instagram page, on which you might have seen Jas’s beaming smile as she takes you through a day in the life at Mixed Freight Services; Edward, Digital360’s copywriter, has been polishing up the words on our pages and has been working with Kamilah to create compelling stories for our blog.


If you’re following us on LinkedIn, you’ll notice Suzie has been keeping everyone updated with all things MFS. The staff have been engaged on all levels and working hard on this project, striving to ensure the tightest deadlines are met and the entire process is kept running smoothly.

We’ve created some good working relationships through this, which we believe to be a great reflection of life in our workplace, involving everybody from the warehouse guys to the drivers and those in the office. You’ll have seen some of these faces dotted around our website.

Last year, we were joined by some of the team at Digital360 for a professional photoshoot day on our site; the talented John Ferguson captured the essence of working at Mixed Freight Services. You can view more of his great work here.

Taking the strongest skills from each person, we’ve had a myriad of different views that have formed our website to be the best it can possibly be – we wanted to reach out to newer generations whilst also catering to those who prefer things a bit more old-school.

The expertise of Digital360 has been invaluable on this journey. We’ve traded insights into the workings of a 24/7 transport and logistics company for the steps necessary to successfully bring that online. At the heart of it, we recognise it’s about accessibility.

We wanted to make it easier to learn about our company from wherever you are, whether it’s because you want to transport a large animal and don’t know who to call, or because seeing our Instagram handle on the side of a truck sparked your curiosity.



But why is it so important to ensure your business is up-to-date on the tech front? Firstly, a seamless website in itself undeniably contributes to the credibility of a successful business. This twenty-four-seven accessible marketing tool allows for the clear provision of information in an easy, digestible way, making it easier for you to learn about us and find the answers you’re looking for (or the answers you didn’t even know you were looking for).

You’ll find information about our services and what we do condensed into bitesize chunks of information, some detailed examples of our work, and you can also put faces to the names you might be familiar with. Whether you’re looking to find solutions or just want to meet the team, you can find it all on our website.

It’s not just about engaging content, though. It’s easy to create a website with a list of all your services and a few pictures; what’s important is ensuring you also have an attractive, user-friendly interface that makes for an enjoyable experience. For this, we’ve had the expertise of Digital360’s UI/UX designer, Veronica, who has been the mastermind behind the seamless interface that integrates our needs as a business with the most effective user experience.

It’s also, however, not enough to simply create something beautiful and let it sit on the internet collecting dust; a business website is a marketing tool that should be used strategically. In other words, you need to know how to break through into and utilise social media. By having a consistent social media marketing campaign, you’re making sure people don’t forget about you, and that’s exactly what Jack, Valentina and Jasmeet have been working on.

Regular updates from the company ensure people know you’re active and knowledgeable about what’s current in the industry, making for a trustworthy and reputable business that people are likely to come to when they need a solution. We know we have the answers at Mixed Freight; it’s up to us to make sure you also know.

Sure, a phone-call is definitely more personal when it’s difficult to explain what you want and you’d rather just speak to someone, but a visual site that you’re able to explore in your own time allows you to look into other avenues and find things you might not have considered or thought were possible. If you still want to go the old-fashioned route and talk to us directly, you’re always welcome to give us a call.


A bit like the iceberg, people only really get to see the end product; but what lies beneath the surface is months of grafting, countless meetings, and even more deadlines. The building process requires sustenance; we’ve been constantly pushing and encouraging each other to meet targets - mostly because we all rely on each other to reach the mini-goals that ultimately form the product you all get to see. It’s imperative that we remain in very regular contact in order to ensure the platform is constantly refreshed to adapt to the business climate and client needs.

But what is it for, in the grand scheme of things? It’s no secret that aviation logistics isn’t perceived to be the most enthralling industry; we want to dispel this misconception and show people how wrong they are. Grappling the challenges head-on with a positive mindset has allowed us to reap exciting rewards; it’s been interesting to see just how much we’ve learnt about breaking through the digital world in addition to how we’ve grown as individuals throughout the project.

The result of hard work and perseverance is a shiny new, easy-to-navigate website that we hope enables you to learn more about us - we welcome any feedback and encourage you to give us a call or drop us an email to find out more about our services or how we can help. We’re very excited to be able to show you what we have planned for the future, so it doesn’t stop here; we want you to stay connected with us.

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