An Exciting Future at Mixed Freight


Investing In Our Future

How Mixed Freight is Preparing for Future Industry Demands

Over the last year (during the gloomy lockdowns and the lull in aviation operations), we’ve been planning and preparing for the future. Despite the stop-starts for businesses and life all over the world, we know how the world and global supply chains work, so preparation for when it bounces back was essential. Rather than taking the ‘wait and watch’ approach, Mixed Freight has always endeavoured to stay one step ahead so we can ensure our clients and customers can rely on us; we’ve prepared for aviation returns fully.

We’re proud to let you know that it’s not only our thinking that has kept us ahead of the game, but, admittedly, the processes we’ve taken and the choices we’ve made have all been influenced by our understanding of where the industry was, and where it will be in the future. We’ve also invested in some physical assets during the lull to ensure that our services remain top-notch and we’re prepared for any and all requests.

INVESTING in commercial vehicles

As predicted, there have been considerably heavy constraints on the supply chain for parts and commercial vehicles. Instead of scrambling around and struggling to keep up (until potentially as far as 2023!), we decided to invest heavily before the storm. Prior to the introduction of the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone, we made a big investment in commercial vehicles to ensure we stayed available for our clients during their time in need. There’s nothing worse than calling up only to be turned away; thankfully, we’ll always have solutions.

Our sister company, Heathrow Rent a Truck has established itself as the go-to commercial vehicle rental company in the home counties, West London and Heathrow, with a comprehensive fleet of vehicles in addition to our break testing facility.

INVESTING in our facilities

At Mixed Freight and Heathrow Rent a Truck, we’ve also made a huge investment in our physical assets. We want to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience with us, and, most importantly, peace of mind in doing so. Our state-of-the-art CCTV covers the entire peripheral, perimeter, and premises of our site, with our team on-site 24/7 providing physical protection.

Whether you’re leaving us with pallets of shampoo, or a brand-new Lamborghini, you can rest knowing your goods are in safe hands away from any danger or prying eyes. And no, we won’t leave your pristine car lying around in the warehouse. You’ll be pleased to know our special car bays are designed specifically for facilitating the safe and secure handling of vehicles, exports and imports, and to keep them far away from pallets, forklifts and other cumbersome cargo.

Your precious car is safe with us, and we’ve even expanded the warehouse to make even more room. Our brand-new extension has given us the capacity to accommodate larger volumes of cargo, in addition to our new forklifts procurement and the installation of our new scissor lift. 

We understand the importance of efficient, automated IT systems, which is why we are continuing to build and develop our own, including our warehouse and transport management systems. Of course, it’s not just the warehouse itself that has had a makeover. We’ve been busy refurbishing and redesigning our offices to a higher standard, aiding our operational capabilities and ensuring airy and modern spaces for both our own employees and international tenants. 

Investing in our future

We’ve made a lot of changes, a fair few upgrades to our site and what we can offer you. The last couple of years have been a challenge for most businesses, but we’ve stayed more than just afloat. With both asset and security investments, everyone here did their utmost to ensure we continued to provide high-quality services to our clients through unprecedented and challenging times; that’s down to our knowledge and expertise in this industry.

We’re always looking to improve in ways to make our operations more effective, ensuring the happiness of both our clients and our employees, from investing in assets and security, to improving our capacity and management systems. More than that, we’re continuing to recruit new talent into Mixed Freight, and provide opportunities for learning and development, and career progression.

For Mixed Freight, the future is always the direction we’re looking at, and that’s why we’re able to do what we do, as well as we do it. So, if you need assistance, give us a call; we’re ready to help!