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Air Cargo Security Screening 24/7 Regulated Agent GB/RA/0722-01

Air Freight Security Screening is the systematic process of determining the secure status of Freight to be transported by air. It is through recommendations of the ICAO and legislation by the ECAC that decide how these procedures are conducted. There are two accepted methods of screening and they are X-ray and Explosive Trace Detection.

Mixed Freight Services are experts in Security Screening for Air Cargo Aviation Security.

Using a wide range of different methods and techniques we take a pragmatic approach to the security screening of every shipment, whether it is a standard consignment, or an unusual cargo we’ve got it covered.

X-ray Screening:

Offering the most capable dual view x-ray screening machine working at 300KV 180 x 180cm aperture. MFS have the most advance operational X-ray technology to potentially screen all forms of cargo to gain the optimum screening efficiency. Mixed Freight Services in 2010 were the first company in the United Kingdom to have the Smith’s Dual View 300KV 180x180cm x-ray machine installed and since then MFS have securely screened 200 million+ tonnes of Air Freight Cargo. Read more.

Alternative Screening:

Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) is used for the shipments which are unable to be passed by x-ray screening, giving an efficient and cost effective security screening method within air cargo Industry.

When it comes to awkward cargo whether it being a vehicle or satellite, ETD screening is the most effective method of screening. Special operators break down pallets and packaging to get a direct swab of the cargo to be tested for explosives and narcotics.

Secure Collection & Delivery for Air Cargo:

Mixed Freight Services operates a fleet of vehicles 24/7, 365 days a year providing transportation solutions for air cargo all over the UK & Europe. All vehicles are compliant with aviation security protocols and can provide secure transport for cargo from the collection to security screening procedures at our Heathrow airport depot. Once cargo is screened it will retain its security status by being loaded onto a secured vehicle to be delivered to the airline.

Protocols for Non-site Specific Screening of Air Cargo:

For the shipments out of the ordinary that require a pragmatic approach. Where methodologies and pragmatic ideas need to be incorporated in an on site and off site environment, we are able to liaise with the Civil Aviation Authority in establishing protocols in achieving effective security screening.

It is the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) through Security Annex 17 who set out the “International” recommendations and obligations for member states to implement with regard to Security procedures and not IATA. It is the European Civil Aviation conference (ECAC) who then mandate through legislation for European member states to implement aviation security controls. ECAC allow for member states to legislate “Nationally” an additional security measures to counter any individual member states perceived threat analysis.

The result is that you can rest assured that your cargo is in full compliance with the National Aviation Security Programme & ICAO Air Cargo Safety.

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