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Abnormal Loads & Car Transport 24/7

We are skilled at providing transport logistics for a variety of Special Events.

Abnormal Loads:

Providing the skilled knowledge and expertise to transport unique items in life. Mixed Freight Services are experienced in the handling and transportation of Abnormal Loads throughout the UK, Europe and Scandinavia.

Lorry Mounted Forklifts:

Specialist equipment capable of moving on grass and off road making our services most suitable for outside events and places where access by road is restricted or even sites where fork lifts are not readily available.

Car Transportation:

From the mini to the magnificent, production car to the rare high value classics, modern high performance super cars and the luxurious, we have handled, transported and security screened them.

Festivals, Carnivals & Exhibitions:

Too name a few! We have experienced the joys of Notting Hill Carnival, Glastonbury and endless exhibitions like . Read our News feed for some examples of different events that we’ve supported.