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Heathrow Expansion Conditions

The highly anticipated Airports Commission report was released 1st July 2015 with a unanimous decision for Heathrow Airports expansion plan to build a third runway. With many concerns surrounding the implications for the community and environment with an expansion of Heathrow Airport, the Airports Commission set out 11 conditions to ensure that there is a better collaborative relationship between the airport and its local community.

11 community and environment conditions

  • Following construction of a third runway at the airport there should be a ban on all scheduled night flights in the period 11:30pm to 6:00am. This is only possible with expansion.
  • A clear ‘noise envelope’ should be agreed and Heathrow Airport must be legally bound to stay within these limits. This could include stipulating no overall increase above current levels.
  • A third runway should allow periods of predictable respite to be more reliably maintained
  • Heathrow Airport Ltd should compensate those who would lose their homes at full market value plus an additional 25% and reasonable costs. It should make this offer available as soon as possible.
  • Heathrow Airport Ltd should be held to its commitment to spend more than £1 billion on community compensation. In addition, a new aviation noise charge or levy should be introduced to insure that airport users pay more to compensate local communities. Taken together these would fund enhanced noise insulation and other schemes. Support for schools should be included as a priority.
  • A Community Engagement Board should be established under an independent Chair, with real influence over spending on compensation and community support and over the airport’s operations.
  • An independent aviation noise authority should be established with a statutory right to be consulted on flight paths and other operating procedures.
  • Training opportunities and apprenticeships for local people should be provided so that nearby communities benefit from jobs generated by the new infrastructure.
  • A major shift in mode-share for those working at and arriving at the airport should be incentivised, through measures including new rail investments and a continuing focus on employee behaviour change. A congestion or access charge for motor vehicles should also be considered.
  • Additional operations at an expanded Heathrow must be contingent on acceptable performance on air quality. New capacity should only be released when it is clear that air quality at sites around the airport will not delay compliance with EU limits.
  • A fourth runway should be firmly ruled out. The government should make a commitment in Parliament not to expand the airport further. There is no sound operational or environmental case for a four runway Heathrow.

Heathrow Airport response

On 11th May 2016 the CEO of Heathrow Airport, John Holland-Kaye, wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, David Cameron outlining his comprehensive detailed long term plan for how Heathrow will achieve the conditions set by the Airports commission. In that plan John Holland-Kaye not only confirms how these conditions will be tackled, but also exceeded by stating that local communities will be compensated by more than twice the Government recommendation and that apprenticeships will also be doubled to help end youth unemployment. Not only local communities will feel the benefit from Heathrow expansion, the economy will benefit from £211bn from increased international trade and tourism.

To ensure the Government makes the right decision by choosing to expand Heathrow Airport, please show your support by signing up on your.heathrow.com.

Airports Commission Report July 2015