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The role of Mixed Freight Services as a Government Regulated Agent means that there is an important responsibility for the facility with which it operates is secure from any potential threat. To counter any threat, Mixed Freight Services hosts a range of high-grade security technology to deter intruders.

One of those security technologies is the Eyelynx CCTV surveillance package. Mixed Freight Services network of Eyelynx cameras with infrared night vision technology has the ability to achieve the highest quality footage at any time in any weather condition. Due to the rampant number of commercial vehicle crimes, there is a requirement to also have a physical preventative measure. Mixed Freight Services needed to upgrade their vehicle access gate and turned to ULTIMation Direct for the solution. ULTIMation provided Mixed Freight Services with a fully automated vehicle access gate to secure the commercial vehicle fleet. The newly installed gate has not only got the highest level of security but also the added benefit of efficiently speeding up the transport operation of Mixed Freight Service utilising its automated technology.

Mixed Freight Services principle is to always strive for innovation within the aviation industry and to not act as the incumbent who reacts to others advances. It is for that reason why Mixed Freight Services ensures the highest quality standards for security to keep the aviation industry safe. This principle has been recognised by the Department for Transport and Metropolitan Police AIMSS (Airfreight Industry Minimum Security Standards) when Mixed Freight Services was re-certified as a secure site with exemplary security measures.