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Mixed Freight Services secure regulated storage site has doubled in size thanks to a state of the art Mezzanine floor. With very limited space for the storage of screened Air Freight Cargo at Heathrow Airport, freight forwarders do not have any other option, but to get cargo screened at the latest possible time which means during busy periods there is a backlog of security screening.

With the high possibility of freight forwarders missing their allocated charters, Mixed Freight Services are now able to screen Air Freight Cargo in advance in less busier periods and then retain the secure status by storing the cargo on the Mezzanine floor for a period of time to suit the forwarder. As a part of Mixed Freight Services Secure Supply Chain, secure vehicle transportation can be utilised to deliver the Air Freight airside directly to the handling agents.

The new structure was constructed in three months and is assembled with heavy duty steel beams fit to hold the weight of thousands of tonnes of valuable cargo. The Mezzanine floor is also equipped with the highest grade of CCTV and Security Alarm technology to ensure the integrity of cargo.

An additional benefit to this new structure is Mixed Freight Services 24/7 operation which can be found on the door step of Heathrow Airport, freight forwarders have the option with Mixed Freight Services to rapidly extract cargo for last minute charters and deliver aircraft parts with their AOG Service (Aircraft On Ground).

With the rapid increase of the Secure Storage Area, Mixed Freight Services are now also better equipped to consolidate and store large numbers of cargo assignments to be delivered directly to the airline. From Sea Containers to aircraft ULD Pallets, can all be housed in a single location near to Heathrow Airport to be security screened and transported at cost effective prices.

By continuously improving and growing the capabilities of services, Mixed Freight Services are upholding their commitment to the smooth process of Security Screening; Storing and Transporting of Air Freight Cargo for international shipments.