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Mixed Freight Services would like to congratulate Luke Whittle on his graduation at the Heathrow Academy Awards back in November last year. Luke has been working hard for the last 18 months at Mixed Freight Services as an apprentice and is now qualified to NVQ level 2 and works as a Warehouse Screener Operator.

Luke shared the night along with Lord, David Blunkett, Ealing Southall MP, Virendra Sharma and Heathrow Airport CEO, John Holland-Kaye. Amongst his chats with the high-profile attendees, Luke said that a discussion with John Holland-Kaye really stuck with him:

“I didn’t quite realise what it meant to be a qualified apprentice. John Holland-Kaye really hit home about the fact that demand at Heathrow for the specialised skillset of a qualified apprentice is highly desirable; especially with the possible expansion of the third runway. I feel like I definitely have a future in aviation.”

Luke Whittle

Warehouse Screener Operator

Working and learning together we believe is the way forward in bringing new talent into the aviation industry, as there is no set qualification out there that can prepare anyone for highly demanding work. This new approach to career development takes a lot of commitment, not only from the apprentice but also the company. The apprentice will work above and beyond to stay at the pace of their experienced colleagues, while the company sponsoring the development of the apprentice takes a gamble on investing the time of the management team to ensure that the apprentice is guided and taught to a level which allows them to progress through their apprenticeship.

It is through this commitment; Mixed Freight Services were shortlisted as the Employer of the year at the Heathrow Academy Awards. Steve O’Keeffe, Mixed Freight Services Director, has continually promoted apprenticeships as an effective route into the aviation industry and has done so with the All Parties Parliamentary Group for Apprenticeships.

If you wish to start a career in the aviation industry and learn valuable experience and transferable skills then why not apply for an apprenticeship at Heathrow Airport with Mixed Freight Services.