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It is the half way point of the 2015 FIA Formula One World Championship and it is the time when teams take a respite before racing to the finish flag nine more times. In this three week period specialist transportation companies work around the clock to keep the circus moving from one international location to another. The next location is Belgium, where the Shell Belgium Grand Prix will take place in Spa on 21-23 August.

The beginning of the 2015 Formula One season witnessed the re-merging of motor sports most iconic partnership Mclaren and Honda. The partnership was anticipated by many to be a successful one this season,

transporting cars to Grand Prix’s all around the globe. Transporting the most technically advanced vehicles, requires the highest duty of care. If any damage is caused, the implications for the teams are unthinkable. That is why Mixed Freight Services use the highest quality craftsmanship to build custom containers for these cars to be loaded onto specialist car transporters.

Vehicle transportation is not the only form of work Mixed Freight Services conducts within motor sport. Assisting with the installation of facilities track side at Formula One Grand Prix’s in Europe is contracted to Mixed Freight Services.

but pre-season testing proved difficult for McLaren-Honda as they failed to complete a trouble free test practice. Combined with Alonso’s crash which pulled him out of the opening race at Melbourne, Mclaren-Honda’s hopes of a competitive run for the championship was dwindling away. The Hungarian GP has just passed and with a top five finish under their belts, McLaren-honda are very confident that the remaining leg of the season will be competitive for them.

Throughout the years Mixed Freight Services have worked with numerous teams from the world of motor sport,

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