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Innovation is in Mixed Freight Services DNA, they have innovated in a number of ways with the Aviation Logistics industry and the National Apprenticeship Scheme by taking the debate about their future development to the Government with the Civil Aviation Authority and the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Apprenticeships. Now, Mixed Freight Services have taken the next step in innovating workwear, they now have a vision to empower employees to make them proud to represent their company while providing them with the correct workwear which is appropriate for their working environment. This vision lead to an extensive period of employee surveying and negotiating with brands to find a tailored solution which met the needs of the company. The workwear needed to be able to embrace the brand, be smart and practical for employees.
The negotiations for a new workwear supplier lead to a proud new partnership with Canterbury, the leading sportswear manufacturer which provides sportswear for some of the finest rugby teams across the world at club and international level with England as one of their prime partners. With inspiration gained from the empowerment and elite sportsmanship of world Rugby, Mixed Freight Services approached Canterbury with the possibility of creating their first ever workwear range using their made to order range. After initial consultations Mixed Freight Services instinctively knew Canterbury could provide the perfect solution and approach to design new workwear tailored for the company.

The products latest sportswear technology not only means that it is breathable and strong to ensure the wearer is comfortable, but is also a platform to display the dynamic message of strength, supporting Mixed Freight Services leading operational position within the aviation industry at Heathrow Airport. Once negotiations were finalised with a considerable order in place, employees were excited to get their hands on the new workwear and Mixed Freight Services are now proud to announce the roll out of the first edition of Canterbury designed and manufactured workwear for Mixed Freight Services.