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When air cargo exceeds the maximum dimensions to be X-Ray screened or is heavily dense – the aviation industry turns to Explosive Trace Detection screening methods. Items, such as cars, heavy machinery, and liquids are typically screened by ETD due to a cars size; the density of machinery; and the unknown substance of liquids.

Mixed Freight Services use the Smith’s IONSCAN 500DT Explosive Trace Detection machine 24 hours a day for security screening scenarios which were previously highlighted. The Smith’s ETD machine can detect the smallest trace of explosives or narcotics from a single swipe of the wand. As part of the Mixed Freight Services security screening programme, ETD screening is conducted by qualified operators with years of experience. Cargo which is already loaded into containers will be broken down by operators and rebuilt after a¬†successful screening. Unusual cargo which is not loaded into a Unit Loading Device (ULD) before ETD security screening has the option to have a custom made ULD for air transport which meets IATA standards.



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