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Felix Doepke

MSc Global Supply Chain Management Brunel University,England.
BSc Engineering Management Aachen University, Germany.
BSc Logistics Management Tongji University, Shanghai, China.

“Being involved in the daily operations gave me insights into the world of logistics. To me, this was like seeing my text books come alive. Having both, the academic and real logistics world together, gave me a much deeper understanding of both worlds. Senior management at Mixed Freight Services are very open and allow easy access for all levels of employees to engage with them and this allowed me to have the confidence to communicate my own knowledge of the industry. This open access also allowed me to apply my analysis to the financial and operational data of the business where I could have a more thorough understanding of how the operations impact each other and identify how this reflected Key Performance Indicators. After my analysis and further communication with senior management I created a case study that was both beneficial to the company’s strategy and operational challenges while getting the right balance of experience for my academic studies. Taking all of that into account it was the perfect preparation for me to become a professional management consultant. Now I have recently landed that dream management consultant job with Accenture thanks to the wealth of experience I received from Mixed Freight Services.”  

Xiaoyue Jiao

BSc Logistics Management, the Ohio State University, USA
BSc Operation Management, the Ohio State University, USA

“The real world is way more complicated compared to how it is portrayed in a text book. Although I have always been confident undertaking university examinations, in the past I have not been able to adopt my confidence 100% of the time to the work environment. The amount of trust my colleagues had given me during my time at Mixed Freight Services highlighted how they valued me as an integral team member rather than just an intern. The professional skills gained and the confidence Mixed Freight Services nurtured me to build changed my perception of myself with my journey for personal progression as a business professional. There is no open door into the aviation industry and Mixed Freight Services gave me this incredible opportunity to get more than just an insight into the industry but, new found commercial awareness that can aid me in my academic studies. I loved my time in London with Mixed Freight Services and it was a true testament to how the internship changed my life and now I am planning to return to London to complete my Master degree for the next chapter of my life”.

Carina Winter

BSc Business, Economics and Social Sciences, Major in International Business Administration, University of Business and Economics, Vienna, Austria

“During my three months with Mixed Freight Services I gained an insight in the world of aviation logistics. The internship changed my career plans and showed me an industry that offers exciting job opportunities. Whereas I was before only interested in logistics and transport I now see the excitement of the aviation industry.

I enjoyed working at Mixed Freight a lot. I had a lot of fun working together with my colleagues. I felt like being part of the team and could always come with my questions to them and ask for help. Part of my time I worked on a Non-Conformance Project which enabled me to learn a lot about the technical issues that occur in daily transport operations. I gained a lot of knowledge that can help me for my future career.

I also appreciated the chance working together with one of the company’s directors, which allowed me to see his view on daily management duties.

With him I could attend various business and networking events, where I met the CEO and directors of Heathrow Airport. I enjoyed these opportunities a lot and it showed me how important networking in business life is.

I could develop myself during my time with Mixed Freight and improved various skills like time management, communication and business-etiquette skills as well as it built up my self-confidence”.

Zheng Shang

MSC Project & Enterprise Management University College London, England.
BSC Business Management, University of Surrey, England.
BSC Business Management, Dongbei University, Dalian, China.

“During my time in MFS, I developed my professional skills, personal skills and most importantly my confidence. It offered me an amazing experience to look into real business and improve myself in a new work environment in a foreign country”.