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An insight into a few of our full time employee’s who took the apprenticeship route.

Scott Simpson

Outsource Training & Development.

An apprenticeship offered me an alternative method of learning which not only offered me workplace skills and responsibility, but aided my development into becoming a young confident adult.

I was fortunate  to gain an apprenticeship in aviation logistics at Heathrow an industry which cannot be learnt at School, College or University. Working alongside my colleagues I  has enabled me to be managed and developed along a learning pathway which I never knew existed. I am proud to say I work at one of the most exciting gateways to the world, London Heathrow“.

Angela Aston

Outsource Training & Development.

“Trying to find the pathway for the career that I have always been hungry for was never going to be an easy journey. I attempted college and realised early on that it was not for me, I prefer to work and learn through hands on experience. My alternative career option was to work within Heathrow due to the location of my home, but the job I acquired was not what I wished to aspire to. I was working within Heathrow  doing a job that didn’t catch my imagination and considered what would be my best career choice. Working at Heathrow influenced my interest in aviation, which made me pursue an apprenticeship to become professionally qualified to take on a role at Mixed Freight Services which enriches me at opens doors to so many more areas of the industry.

Jonathon Chapell-Hobbs

Outsource Training & Development.

“No matter what background you come from everyone deserves a chance. Some people just need that little motivation or push so be it to give them a head start. That small start which could change their whole world, and potentially even our own”.

Reece McDonald

West Thames College

“In not being successful in finding full time work I looked at the apprenticeship route as a learning pathway to obtain further skills. Whilst in the working environment I demonstrated my desire and commitment to achieve and ultimately gained full time employment. I haven’t looked back”.

Tyler Vuurboom

Outsource Training & Development

“I knew sixth form or college was not the way forward for me. I initially started on the trainee ship program which allowed be to develop further onto the apprenticeship pathway. An apprenticeship offered attractions which engaged my imagination in to a working life alongside further studies.”